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Fund the Need at the 2013 Columbian Ball

Science Works for the Future

The Museum of Science and Industry is revolutionizing science education and transforming lives. It’s engaging the community through innovative educational programs that extend MSI’s impact beyond the Museum visit. It’s helping teachers get children excited—really excited—about science. And it’s empowering students to take that excitement to new levels, creating new futures for themselves.

Did you know?

• MSI is #1 for Chicago field trips, with more than 340,000 students visiting yearly for free.

• MSI offers free bus transportation and lunch vouchers to economically disadvantaged schools, removing any barriers that prevent students from visiting MSI.

• MSI engages 1,000 teachers a year in professional development workshops that provide a broad background in science, improve teaching skills, and provide new ideas and resources that help make their science classrooms fun and engaging.

• 21,000 students participate in learning labs each year and hundreds of students have participated in 328 open heart surgeries live via video-conference.

Join us and support this cause with a gift to the Museum’s Fund the Need initiative in honor of our 2013 Columbian Ball.

Thank you from the Museum of Science and Industry’s President’s Council:

William Bettman, Andrew Carolus, Andrew Carter, Nora Daley Conroy, Risa Davis, Kenneth Dort, Julian Francis, Matthew Frekko, Christopher Gandy, Odele Hawkins, Lawrence Hollins, Lisa Huff, Joshua Jacobs, Stephen Kennedy, Liz Kohler, Michael Lasinski, Paul Lazarre, Russell Levine, John Mahoney, Jeffery McCarthy, Dorri McWhorter, Jay Michael, John Montaquila, James Morrison, Patricia Mosena, Lynn Murray, Joel Osman, Felicia Parks, Michael Parks, Michael Pitts, Lorence Pope, John Rico, Smita Shah, Mark Spender, Donnan Steele, Cedric Thurman, Len Wanger, Michelle Warner, Scot Webster, Dan Wolfe, Nannette Zander, and Marwa Zohdy.

***The Sun-Times Foundation and The Chicago Community Trust will match donations to MSI's Fund the Need initiative through October 19th up to a total of $25,000. Double the impact of your gift, and donate today!***